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We know addiction drags people through an overwhelming season of fear, pain, and confusion. We have carefully developed a collection of healing resources for our clients and course participants.

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Coach Chris has carefully chosen and provided links to over two dozen recovery-oriented books, over 20 educational and wellness videos, and 16 helping organizations specifically chosen for family members, veterans, and children affected by addiction.


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Our comprehensive recover-from-home addiction freedom course is structured for complete life-changing recovery in just 21 days. No treatment centers, no counselors, and no group therapy!

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Freedom from addiction to alcohol and other mood-altering substances is attainable and even better - it's Sustainable! Coach Chris developed his full-featured coaching course over his 25 years of successful work and effective outcomes with people just like you.

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Life changing decisions await us every day. The Recovery Journey provides clients with a continuous stream of knowledge they can apply to enhance their lives and succeed in maintaining their sobriety.

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From personal client stories, to recovery tips, to relapse coping skills, Coach Chris continuously provides supportive articles, coaching blogs, and new resources for clients.


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I'm so glad you made it to this place!

I'm on a mission to guide people through my effective online course to sustainable sobriety.

I was once hopeless, desperate, and completely devoured by addiction. My family was lost, my career down the drain, and self-esteem non-existent. At what seemed like the last possible moment, I found hope and a new vision for life. Now you can discover the Journey to Freedom too!

Clean and sober since 1994, I’ve devoted my life to creating and sharing a program of principles and interventions that work for 100% of the people who follow it. My clinical training, coaching credentials, and successful work with hundreds of clients inspired me to develop this Effective, Self-paced, Recovery From Home Coaching Course, and make it available and affordable for everyone. 

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  • Psychology Major
  • Nationally Certified Addiction Counselor 2017 – 2020
  • Graduate of NET Institute of Professional Recovery Coaches
  • Graduate of International Recovery Institute
  • Graduate of Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching
Coach Chris of Addiction Freedom Courses | Sobriety is Attainable and Sustainable
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Client Responses

Don't just take our word for it!
Read some actual letters, cards, and emails from former clients about Coach Chris’s program.
"The program was laid out for me in what seemed like perfect order and helped me see exactly what I needed to change from a man on the brink of losing everything including my wife and kids, to a man of purpose and hope. I just celebrated 3 years clean and sober! My wife and teenage daughters have their Dad back and my bosses at work tell me how much they appreciate me nearly every day! Coach, you gave me what two treatment centers did not, just what your program talks about - real recovery. Thank you again and I’m happy to keep telling others about what you helped me accomplish."
“I had the pleasure of working with Coach Chris as we collaborated to help a client of mine who has struggled with relapse for years. The Coaches professionalism and commitment to my client was outstanding. I will continue to collaborate with Coach Chris in his recovery coaching practice because what he does works!”
“To Coach Chris; I’m coming up on my 2 year anniversary of being clean and sober and I wanted to drop a line to say how much I appreciate you. You know I always jumped in line to sign up for your group at the recovery court counseling center. Your group always filled up first and I believed you had what I needed more than the other counselors. I’ll always remember you and the things you taught me. Here’s some funny shit for you; sometimes I get a little sideways and slip back into some old thinking and when I do and my wife is around, she’ll say something like ‘have you forgotten again what Coach Chris helped you discover about yourself?’. She is my rock and reminds me when I need to shine up my recovery work. Our marriage and my relationship with my kids are great today because you helped me find recovery. Thank you from way down deep man.”
“We heard that angels exist but never were fortunate enough to meet one until we met you. Amy and I cannot express just how much it means to us for you to have done what did for our son in the short time you have been part of his life. Your compassion and understanding for people struggling with addiction is unsurpassed. We think you are so special and wish that the world was filled with many more like you. We thank you with deep appreciation for helping us during this difficult time."
Andrew & Amy
Client's Parents
“This has been awesome. When I first got out of treatment and was “on my own'' for the first time, my dad reached out to Coach Chris for help to make sure I stayed on track. He helped devise a comprehensive coaching plan that made it possible for me to return to college at UT, and now I am eligible to walk next May! Without his help, I don’t think I’d be here today. Thanks a lot Coach and best of luck!”
“As I take time and think back about these months that have passed, I really feel so grateful to you. I am not just saying this to say it, I really mean it. I don’t know that Mark and I would have made it through if it weren’t for you. You have such a gentle and understanding way about you and any time I was on the ledge you always made me feel better and hopeful. I appreciate your honesty, your demeanor, and your experiences. I am just so grateful that you worked with my family to bring all the recovery work together. You are fantastic at what you do, so thank you Coach!”
Kathleen & Family
“Coach Chris and his recovery coaching services are invaluable to my clients. He holds them accountable, is engaging, honest and reliable. His coaching practice and hands-on approach gives my clients the extra support they need to help them stay sober. I wish he could take on many more clients, I would fill his calendar!”
"Much gratitude to you for what you have developed for our clients. I've been looking for professional services with your focus for a long time. Finally! Someone who connects an addiction recovery course with the clients personal circumstances and provides coaching interventions that they follow of their own accord to help them stay sober and repair family issues. You have my thanks and referrals of all my therapy clients with substance abuse issues. I will definitely spread the news about The Recovery Journey.”
Private Therapist
“Coach Chris has been an integral part of my recovery. He was referred to me by my counselor because I was struggling with some of the day to day challenges after a pretty bad relapse. Through his coaching program, the self-support it helped me build, and all the experienced guidance, I feel more confident in my sobriety.”
“Having Coach Chris in my life is a gift. I am grateful for the opportunity to reap the benefits of his wisdom and experience. Having him as my coach in addition to regular therapy and my 12 step program has given me the extra support I need on my new journey into sobriety.”
"I drank and smoked weed my entire freshman year and when I realized that I was about to throw everything away, I decided to stop partying, but I got really scared when I found that I couldn't stop. I went to a 28 day treatment program but then I drank the first weekend out. My parents looked everywhere for help and found Coach Chris. He worked with me and helped me learn to speak my truth and how to ask for help. I learned to be honest with myself and to capitalize on my strengths with the help of my coach. I'm about to start the fall semester as a junior and haven't been high or drunk in a year and a half! I'm so very grateful."
"Surprise! It seems like a long time Coach. It's my 1-year birthday (since 4.7.15), of being clean & sober! This has been a year of ups and downs. However, through it all I have stayed on track, clean and sober and continued on the journey you started me on. I am grateful for my life today and grateful for the people in my network. I am truly grateful to you for being there every step of the way those first 9-months. I am also grateful for an introduction to meditation exercises. Your office was a safe place to come and get fed the perfect dose of recovery and support I needed all those days back then! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
“Hey Coach, it’s Bobby C., I know you left [treatment center] last year, but someone gave me your contact info and I really just wanted to tell you how much you helped me when I was in treatment. The sessions I had with you were right on target for what I needed in my recovery. I can only speak for myself, but I know a lot of other guys that you counseled at [treatment center] expressed the same thing. I like the “Coach Chris” name for you because what you did for all of us was more coaching than counseling for sure. I know it worked for me and I wanted to say thanks. I’m coming up on 4 years clean in a couple of months. You’re probably surprised to hear from me, but I’m alive and well and living the dream for real! You were right about recovery capital by the way…”
"This was so worth it. I had many reservations about a 3 or 6-month commitment, the cost involved, and opening up to a stranger, but at our first meeting you made me feel safe and comfortable. Being in your program was the most beneficial and healing experience ever in my life, you actually helped me build a fun and productive life in sobriety! I'm so grateful that you offered me therapies that taught me how body, mind and spirit are the three keys to my recovery. I recommend your program to anyone with issues to work on!”
“We can’t begin to express enough, the gratitude we have for what you helped [our son] to accomplish. At first we were actually afraid that you wouldn’t take him as a client because of his multiple failed treatments. When you told us that guidance and coaching was the answer for him, not more treatment, we were so encouraged! We spent so much money on the “best treatments” in the country but had almost lost hope when one evening our friends from alanon gave us your contact info. Our son talks about your program all the time and he’s so happy about his sobriety! I don’t know how to write this to the world, I would if I could, so feel free to use this note wherever you can because you obviously have a gift and know how to share it. Thank you Coach, we love you.”
Anna & Herbert
“I was sober through AA for 8 years when I had my relapse, I knew what AA had taught me, but I just couldn’t get it together again once I had the shame of failure on my back. Your coaching program gave me a whole new view about sobriety and how to love myself, maybe for the first time really. You know I will keep reaching out when I hit my milestones just like I have been, I’m grateful for you Coach, and I want you to know it!”
“I loved the program and the Coach’s approach to changing my thinking about myself. I learned so many things about addiction that helped me shift my thoughts and eventually my desires. I’m working at the same job I’ve had now for 10 months and I have a new girlfriend that likes who I am and she trusts me! You’ll be hearing from me again Coach, keep doing what you do - thanks!”
"I work with clients and their families who have been devastated because of substance-use disorder. After researching Coach Chris and his program, I decided to refer an especially troubled client to the Addiction Freedom Course. He committed to the program and gave me updates each week. The change in him has been nothing short of a blessing and his whole family is healing as he continues to maintain his sobriety. I’ve referred a dozen more to the program since then. Thanks for creating a complete plan for these clients."
Licensed Clinical Social Worker

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