Addicted at 15: Kat’s Story of Recovery

“Hi Coach,

I’m emailing you my little story hoping you might include it in your blog one day and that it will mean something to someone who needs to hear it. When I found your coaching program and began to follow it day by day, I began to see myself through a clear lens of truth for the first time. Recently I went back through parts of the coaching program and decided to focus on how you encourage us to share our story as if it were a gift to others.

I don’t feel guilty for waiting nearly 3 years to do this…

Your coaching course helped me understand that I’m supposed to keep doing today’s things today and continue to stay out of tomorrow and next week. So I guess this became today’s thing and I feel good about reaching out to you now.   

I was 15 the first time my parents sent me through treatment… 

That place and all the people there were foriegn to me. With no idea what was going on, I was not ready to listen. They sent me back again at age 17, but I thought I knew it all, and no one could tell me different. Drugs and alcohol were the only things that I thought made me happy.  ‘Partying’ was fun and I wanted to be left alone.  When I was 19, I went back to another treatment center and thought I was ready to listen.  Life wasn’t really fun anymore.  I was young and not sure if I was going to be able to stop drinking and drugging.

I struggled, trying to decide if recovery is really what I wanted…

or if I wanted to continue to use.  It was Christmas in treatment this time, a hard time to be there.  Laying in the treatment center bed I thought back to when I was a little girl and couldn’t wait to run to the Christmas tree with my little sister and open up my Christmas presents to see what kind of toys I was getting.  But I remembered that when I opened the gifts and all I received were sweaters and other winter clothes, I was upset and jealous of the toys Lilly was getting. 

I know now that my disease of addiction was squeezing my brain…

into emotional frustration and I began to crave a buzz the night before I finished treatment. I left and met up with my “old friends” the next day and was back to the old drunk me again. When I finally got home two days later my family had decided to practice tough love and would not let me back in their house. It wasn’t until I got cold that first night on the street that I thought about the clothes I got for Christmas when I was a little girl.

Walking the streets for hours…

I finally got to a drug house I had been to many times. I can’t really remember everything that happened over the next couple of days, but I know I hit a new bottom. It was then that I decided I needed and wanted recovery.  I wasn’t happy to accept what I was, but I thought that maybe there would be a time when I would be grateful to be clean and sober and have some self-respect.

Today, I am grateful that I found your program coach…

I went through all the program videos and worksheets three times just to confirm and seal my honesty and commitments.  I’m really grateful that I finally found what I needed, three treatment centers didn’t give me what it took to finally find recovery. Sobriety is not easy when you have no guidebook for the real world, but it became more comfortable as I followed the path you laid before me. Life and love and laughter are alive for me now. Getting high is off the table thanks to those safety first guidelines you gave me.

A buzz used to be the only thing on my mind…

now I’m saving money to join several friends on a “Sober Cruise” we’re booked on in the fall!  Thank you Coach for leading me through what I needed. This past weird Covid-19 Christmas was my second one sober and it was a much more meaningful time for me because I’ve learned to feel and express gratitude for all the gifts of a sober life and I can reflect on the good times that I shared with my little sister way back when and now.

Sobriety is my greatest asset and the greatest gift ever!




Thanks to Kat for sharing her story, and thanks to all of you who will become inspired enough to share it with others.

Come back to the blog next week for Part 2 of the series I began last week.

Be safe and care for one another.

Coach Chris



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