Addiction: The Story (Part 1)

To new readers and followers of my blog, it will become obvious that I hold nothing back when it comes to my life before and since recovery from addiction. I became aware many years ago that the power of truth and transparency would set me free from my damaging secrets and false ego. I believe that real recovery from sunstance-use as well as other addictions begins with a bold paradigm shift inside. I have helped clients focus on discovering their real selves as well as their supressed feelings, desires, goals, and ambitions. Recovery and sobriety eluded me for many years, just as it did for hundreds of clients I have guided on the path to true freedom and release from worry and despair.

The truth, in all it’s sometimes ugly reality, is that human beings have made mistakes in their life. Addiction to mood-altering substances became a multiplier of those mistakes for most of us. The most powerful step in real recovery is dependant on acceptance of our mistakes. An understanding that the stigma of embarrasing and guilt-ridden addiction behavior is a road block to freedom from the very illness that we wish to recover from. Things we’ve done in our mind-bending addiction episodes are not attributed to moral failings. These mistakes are simply symptoms of the brain disease of addiction. My message to all of you who wish to end your damanging relationship with drugs and alcohol is that you move toward self-forgiveness of your past so that you can enter a new season in life. My recovery began when I understood that I had to be willing to empty the heavy backpack of shame I carried before I could become the sane and sober person I was meant to be. This idea is the foundation of my Recovery Journey Addiction Freedom Course.

There are some shocking details in my story “The Fall’, and I hope that you understand the necessity for my candor. My story takes me from a hopeless, sellfish, and even criminal-minded soul, to a committed professional on a mission to lead fellow sufferers to a new and wonderful reality. I hope that sharing my story provides evidence that even the worst of the past can lead to a life of caring, understanding, and a desire to love and help others.

The following events are true, names were changed or omitted to protect the many innocent victims. Love, gratitude, peace and respect go out to the unnamed in this story including those who remained unrecognized and unknown to me. My efforts at healing and making amends to those identified began nearly 26 years ago and continues …  


“The Fall”

Part 1

My Story

I was born in the deep south, on what my mother says was the hottest day of the summer that year. Okay, I will stop the joke right here – this is not going to be a story with that much detail-mother has told that story a hundred times, and it is true, but I’m just kidding with that beginning. The important facts are that I was raised in a “normal” and caring family environment with birthday parties, friends to play with, traditional Christmas and Thanksgiving family gatherings and all the middle-class American dream content.

My parents did not smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, fuss, argue, or beat each other. My little sister and I were carted off to the Baptist church every Sunday morning. We swam at the community pool in the summer and played in the sand with other kids on the beaches that were a couple of hours away.

The only thing I excelled at academically in school was P.E. and recess.

Our parents had many friends and their group of about 5 couples created the tradition of holding “dinner parties” on Saturday nights where the hosting rotated from home to home. Most of the men would bring a six-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon or Falstaff beer to the event for their own consumption. I can clearly remember watching those men go through an obvious metamorphosis in behavior and personality each time my parents hosted this big group, and I was present to spy on their evening. They would play cards after dinner and the men would drink more beer and get louder and the jokes and outbursts of fun times became more frequent as the night went on.

In my 12-year-old keen and analytical mind, I came up with an interesting theory; the more beer those men drank, the more fun they seemed to have. I decided pretty quickly following this monumental discovery, that I wanted to experiment with this formula myself. Over the next several weeks I began swiping a PBR here and a Carling Black Label there from the outdoor refrigerator and hiding them in a hole I dug in the woods behind the house. One boring afternoon I came home from school and decided it might be a good day to test my theory, so I went through the woods to my “secret hidey-hole”.

There, covered in pine straw I counted out 9 assorted cans and bottles of hot beer. I sat down and proceeded to gulp down every last one, as quickly as possible in case someone might interrupt my experiment before I finished. As you might reasonably guess, by the time I finished off number 9, I couldn’t stand up without holding on to one of the nearby pine trees and before I could walk back out of the woods I was throwing my guts up. Not the end of the story.

Okay, that was the beginning of my experience. If you are anything like me, reading bite-sized pieces works so I’ll continue with another piece of my story next Friday. 

By the way, My Story has a subtitle, it’s aptly called The Fall.


I will present more of what I know to be critical information for your consideration in the next blog. Stay tuned.

Be safe and care for one another.

Coach Chris  

As a trained professional in the field of substance-use recovery, a practicing recovery coach, and more importantly, a person in successful recovery from addiction for over 26 years, I have some knowledge to share and lots of hope for anyone who’s ready for change.


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Asking for Medical Help

If you or someone you know exhibits withdrawal symptoms, psychological problems, or any signs of self-harming behavior, contact your medical professional, call 911, or reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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