Clean and Sober: Reasons to Recover

Signs of Trouble

If you’re in a struggle with drugs or alcohol you might feel like there’s no way off the train of desperation and pain, but know this – addiction recovery is attainable and sustainable. Absorb these words and become encouraged, you can absolutely become the person you want to be.


No matter what your circumstance is in life, when you struggle with a negative that begins to take over your life—and change who you are or once were—each new day may feel like a battle. If you are experiencing symptoms of, or have been diagnosed with, addiction or substance-use disorder, the world you once loved you felt you had some control over may be feeling like a prison. I’ve felt this way and it’s scary and depressing.


Maybe the thoughts bouncing around in your head are scrambled and you feel like they must be someone else’s. In your brief moments of sobriety it can feel like your mind has been working against you and everything you thought you held dear. Last night’s behaviors, the ones you can remember through the fog, seem surreal and disconnected from your hopes and desires. What is going on?! You feel that your reality has crashed and you are lost in a foreign world with no plan or idea how to stop the spiral. 


Addict Brain

The addicted brain knows only one cure for your condition at the moment. Your release from this horrible state of mind is to jump back into the trusted cycle, “party” your troubles away for another night, binge on a few drugs and plenty of alcohol, and you can regroup and deal with this nightmare tomorrow. 


Sound familiar? If so, then you already know that something has to change. You need recovery and you know you need it now. If this cycle of thinking is familiar to you, keep reading. If you truly want to recover from this awful existence, there is absolutely a way to do so. The voice you hear, the thoughts you are having about recovery, these are your human survival instincts, and they are telling you that danger lies ahead. 


You should also be aware that there are other voices, ones that live in what I call the “addict brain” that is alive and in control much of the time now. An addicted brain does not want you to survive or get well. It sometimes manifests as an entirely separate entity from the real you. It is powerful and has weapons built into your physiological make-up. These weapons cause you to be powerless over many choices you make. Now is the time to seek help and to face the challenge to put your real self back in control. 


Change Takes Change

You are not alone in this paradox and there is a way up and a way out. Recovery is a choice followed by an admission and a commitment. Once the commitment is settled, then the healing and change can begin. Webster’s Dictionary defines recovery as a “return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength”. It’s really simple actually. Not necessarily easy, but millions achieve recovery every day, and you are no less valued as a person and deserve happiness as much as anyone else!


Recovery is a simple process of learning or re-learning skills and practices that take you to a place where your goals and aspirations can be realized again, or for the first time. Recovery is about maintaining effective self-knowledge and using it to prevent relapse. This may sound ephemeral, but it is actually so real you can feel it and touch it! Take the word from someone who knows by personal experience, please.


Really Live Rather Than Exist

When you limit your life to pure survival inside your own head you are in constant fear of what will happen next, what you might lose, or how you may not get what you want. You live your life by the terms of your illness. It’s a vicious cycle of sadness, danger, and insanity that seems to never end. By choosing recovery you learn to take control, break free from the “addict brain” and see the whole world and your right place in it.

Call it your new perspective. Believe the evidence that there is a simple navigational process that can be taken to reduce your anxieties, manage thoughts and avoid triggers to drink or use drugs. Sometimes professional help can be useful, but you can take the directed recovery journey to learn to cope with challenges in a healthy and progressive way and live life on the sober and happy path.



Recovery allows you to connect with the real you on a holistic new level. Your energy and self-esteem will greatly improve quickly and continue to do so as time moves ahead. You will deepen your connections with others and become part of the culture of wellness.

Many clients have shared their experiences about how they felt numb, disconnected, and dirty inside. Many told about how they treated their bodies badly and only lived to please others, seeking approval outside themselves because their insides were dark from addiction. People in real recovery know they deserve better and do not deprive themselves of joy in body, mind, and spirit.

As your recovery evolves, you will begin to feel real emotions like never before. You will develop the ability to love yourself and others like never before. Many recovery clients share that keeping a journal helped them track the immense change in outlook and understanding over time. It is a keepsake that they treasure and share with others who need encouragement.


Loved Ones Reappear

One of the worst symptoms of being stuck in addiction is seeing your loved ones suffer and worry about you. Often they build resentful feelings about your dishonesty with them or directly about your substance use or drinking.  They probably try to help but don’t know how. Eventually the relationships deteriorate due to the state of the family illness of addiction. By changing our behaviors and maintaining these changes through long-term recovery we work to improve these and many new relationships. This motivating factor builds upon itself and blooms into a new and bright life culture for many.

Recovery is what you must first choose for you, know that making your loved ones happy and proud is a bonus.


Create the future

When living a life trapped in isolation, despair, and dissatisfaction your future feels unworthy. Alternatively, when you dive into real sustainable recovery a whole new world of opportunity opens, one that you may have never imagined. In your own community, there are recovering people with smiles and lives of happiness and participation. There is a healthy culture of freedom from the degradation of addiction. There is immense gratification waiting for you in many ways. In fact, you may find that the experience of helping others by sharing your own recovery experience boosts your entire being! Get involved and trust the journey. 


Know that you deserve a better future and help is available to make it real and attainable for you. 


You matter

People love you no matter what your past looked like, it’s the positive today that will bring you the tomorrow you long for.  You are worth the effort of recovery. Self-doubt is a human emotion but one that can be overcome with positive actions, behaviors, and affirmations. Make these the core of your recovery, they influence others and move your life onward and upward to the summit of recovery.


Take a closer look at yourself, your difficulties, and the solution thats right for you by navigating to my Start Here page for a fast and simple online Free Self Assessment.



The solution to the problem that most likely landed you on this page is a simple one. However, the effective response requires a journey to reach full recovery, one marked by some difficult twists and turns on the trail of self-discovery, honesty, and open-mindedness. The journey requires an experienced navigator, one that knows the landscape and the footholds along the way. The destination is what I call the “summit of recovery”, a place only reachable by a willing explorer with the appropriate tools and provisions for the journey and an experienced guide.

You can access more helpful recovery guidance by clicking HERE for my Free Day 1 Guide.

I will present more of what I know to be critical information for your consideration in the next blog. Stay tuned.

Next week: “The 8 Pillars of Recovery Wellness”


Be safe and care for one another.

Coach Chris  


As a trained professional in the field of substance-use recovery, a practicing recovery coach, and more importantly, a person in successful recovery from addiction for over 26 years, I have some knowledge to share and lots of hope for anyone who’s ready for change. 


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Asking for Medical Help

If you or someone you know exhibits withdrawal symptoms, psychological problems, or any signs of self-harming behavior, contact your medical professional, call 911, or reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)


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