Here are our most frequent questions and answers:

The Recovery Journey coaching program, it’s resources, tools and provisions sections, and it’s 21 Day Addiction Freedom Course was developed for adult men and women who struggle with substance-use, or substance-abuse symptoms.

The short answer is a resounding YES! Alcohol (known in the chemical table of elements as etoh) is the world’s most abused substance by far. The Recovery Journey program was developed based on years of successful outcomes in helping people with histories of alcohol-use problems find relief and release from the grip of this devastating chemical addiction.

The short answer is a resounding YES! The elements of the Recovery Journey Addiction Freedom Course specifically target proven solutions to freedom from dependance on schedule 2 – 5 drugs like opioids, oxycodone, amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, various narcotics,and other addictive and dangerous chemicals that cause health, life, and relationship problems.

The answer again is YES. This recovery coaching program is designed to provide a successful outcome (sustainable recovery) to anyone suffering through the terrible consequences of chemical dependence regardless of the specific substance being used. Clients are experiencing recovery every day from addiction to mood-altering substances like cocaine, cannabinoids (marijuana-THC), methamphetamine, and various hallucinogens.

The course is a complete and highly effective coaching approach to the elimination of drinking and drug use. Clients are presented first with real answers to their questions about themselves and their substance-use based on their own self-discovered personal circumstances, past and present. The course is structured in a series of progressive coaching interventions on a “journey” through 21 “waypoints” of discovery, education, self-examination, and even guided meditation. The course content guides the client through a self-paced and life-changing experience like no other.

This course is not another “treatment”, nor is it a type of clinical counseling program. Over many years of experience with clients and the enormous benefit of the coach’s own personal recovery experience, the evidence has become clear; people seeking real and sustainable recovery (sobriety) from mood-altering substances can succeed only when they themselves, are provided with clear, real-world solutions that make sense and match their own life, culture, family, and vocational circumstances. Successful recovery is an individual and intimate process that we believe requires a person-centered coaching program.

The Recovery Journey Addiction Freedom Course is structured within 21 distinctive modules.

Each module is comprised of enlightening self-discovery coaching worksheets, addiction education critical to understanding the real issues clients face in recovery, training videos from the coach and other highly regarded professionals in the field, plus powerful stories of struggle and success from celebrities and well-known professional athletes.

Although the course is self-paced, with 24/7 client access, it is designed for completion in 21 successive days. Each module and the coursework within it will require an average of  approximately 1.5 hours per day.

The success stories from former clients about the effectiveness of our Recovery Journey coaching course is unparalleled. Although people always have the option of picking up the drink or drug again, the promise of a client’s ability to successfully sustain long term recovery is virtually 100% when they follow our simple and straightforward “safety-first” guidelines.

From the very “base camp” of the journey, this course provides powerful and actionable new coping skills and alternative responses to “triggers” and “cravings”. When people follow these simple guidelines and use our tools, resources, and provisions, they attain and sustain their recovery, period!

The developer of the Recovery Journey Addiction Freedom Course is acutely aware of the damage and upheaval in families and love relationships caused by substance-use disorders.

The course includes an entire module designed to foster healing and renewal within these potentially broken relations. There is coaching, worksheets, relationship exercises, and helpful instruction for others in the unhappy orbit of the substance user.

The coach also makes recommendations for helpful and healing books on the subject of family recovery and codependency. See these and more at the Resource Center on our website.

Once you have paid the course fee, you will be actively enrolled for a full 90 days. Each of the worksheets and coaching materials are downloadable to you during your 90 day course access.

The coach will explain the importance of downloading and printing these materials every day and staying committed to completion in 21 days. The tools, provisions, and resources page and its content will be at your disposal always.

Our articles written on the blog are also available to support you and your loved-one’s ongoing wellness and success.

Sorry, NO, there are no refunds for our programs. After many years of working face-to-face with recovery coaching clients the coach learned that requiring clients to pay up-front for the full program with a no refund policy helped clients in their commitment to move ahead with changing their lives.

The illness of addiction is a brain-based disease and what we call “addict brain” can side track the “recovery brain” temporarily. We are on a mission to carry this opportunity for a full and comprehensive recovery to everyone we can. Refunds are not conducive to the mission!

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