Raja’s Addiction and Recovery Story

Hello Coach, as I said in my email to you, I want to contribute my story in hope that it will inspire others. You are welcome to post it online if you think it will help someone. Thank you so much for what you are doing for people like me. Here’s my story. It started with drinks before a night out, and it ended in a very small bathroom with a needle in my arm.  Along the way many good friends said goodbye because they offered help and I refused it.  I fell out of the usual circle of family birthdays and holidays.  I promised attendance and didn’t show.  I lost my job and became a full-time junkie.  I traded sex for money in order to get a fix.  My life became very small and very scary, and I just let it happen. Homeless and out of money, one day I called home and asked for help, my mom said yes.  She told me she found out about Coach Chris and his Recovery Journey program from her friend at work months before and was waiting for me to ask for help. The moment I accepted help and began the program my world changed. There were challenges, the first was to get honest.  The program helped me not fall back into familiar patterns and allowed me to see who I really am. But the truth is the challenges in recovery are easier than anything I had to do when I was out there in the streets. I am the man I want to be today. I have real relationships with people.  I have the respect of people whom I respect, something I had lost.  I have rejoined my family again.  This is how I stay sober:  I don’t use drugs or alcohol, I follow all the safety stuff coach Chris refers to in the journey program, it was pretty intense in the beginning, but I saw the benefits really quickly. I have a program now, I have discovered positivity and I love having healthy routines in my life after living the junkie life like I did for over 2 years. I make it a point to talk to sober and people who want to be sober people every day, I tell the truth and I try to show up for others. – Raja, 24   I will present more of what I know to be critical information for your consideration in the next blog. Stay tuned.

Be safe and care for one another.

Coach Chris

As a trained professional in the field of substance-use recovery, a practicing recovery coach, and more importantly, a person in successful recovery from addiction for over 26 years, I have some knowledge to share and lots of hope for anyone who’s ready for change.  

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The Recovery Journey 21 Day Program


Recovery Journey: Navigate to Addiction Freedom YouTube Channel


Asking for Medical Help

If you or someone you know exhibits withdrawal symptoms, psychological problems, or any signs of self-harming behavior, contact your medical professional, call 911, or reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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