So You Still Want to Change Your Addicted Life? (Part 3)

So You Want to Change Your Life

Part 3 

It Begins with Staying Safe on Day One


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The Recovery Journey


Expedition to Freedom


Chapter 2

You can heal the scars of your addiction. You can reimagine your life and build a safe and sober environment for yourself. You can repair the destruction of your past. You can be a healthy partner, spouse, sibling, mother, father, son, or daughter-yes you can. This does not mean that your past is forgotten, what it means is that the addictions, old behaviors, lies and alibis no longer control your life. You are moving forward, away from the destructive elements in your past. You are preparing for a journey now, this coaching program will provide you with new options, choices you may have forgotten were available to you.


Let’s get started with the basics of safety for the journey ahead. You are now responsible for your own self-care and all the elements of safety for yourself and those around you. You exhibit your recovery as you learn to function without drugs or alcohol. To succeed in your quest you must commit to using new thinking and processes for help in times of crisis. If you consider, even for a moment, hurting yourself or someone else, you must reach out for help. Our website includes a helpful resource page with contact information for emergency interventions. You have choices today and calling 911 is the responsible move if you or someone else is in crisis.

What does safety mean to you? Who do you feel safe around? What things do you feel safe doing?





Create and describe your “safe place”, or “happy place”. This will be a place you imagine in your mind, a place that you may have been in your past, or maybe its a place you’ve always wanted to visit. Maybe your happy place is on a trail in the woods, a grandmother’s back porch, a beach where you basked in the sun, or a comfy chair in a safe and familiar place. Maybe your safe or happy place memory is in the company of family members at a holiday meal or backyard barbeque. Wherever it is, or wherever you think it would be, use the space below to describe it. Where is it, what can you see around you, who if anyone is in this scene. As you immerse yourself in this place try to recognize scenery, smells, sounds, and even temperature. How does your body feel? What change in your feelings and emotional state occur as you dive deeply into your safe and happy place? (Be as descriptive as possible, the deeper you focus on this exercise, the more you will benefit by creating this scene. It will become easier to come back to when the time is right and necessary)










Now, keep your willingness at its highest level and understand that everything about the content of this course and the exercises contained within it, have a purposeful and measurable positive effect on your journey to recovery.

Use the space below to draw the scene that you imagined as your happy and safe place. This exercise is not about your artistic ability, no one will grade or question your depictions, stick figures, or any part of your drawing.

Just take your time and do it. Trust the Journey.


















Thanks for taking time to complete the exercise above. New actions are difficult, especially when you have no understanding of how it’s supposed to help. Take these things seriously and trust the journey.

Next weeks blog will be Part 12 of My Story “The Fall”.  We’ll get to Part 4 of this exercise the week after.

Keep coming back – I’m confident that these posts will help anyone who wants help.

Be safe and care for one another.

Coach Chris 


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Recovery Journey: Navigate to Addiction Freedom on YouTube

Asking for Medical Help

If you or someone you know exhibits withdrawal symptoms, psychological problems, or any signs of self-harming behavior, contact your medical professional, call 911, or reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)



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