So You Want to Get Clean and Sober? Day 1 (part 1)

It Begins with Staying Safe on Day One

Part 1

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The Recovery Journey


Expedition to Freedom



The author wishes to express great gratitude

To the many who blazed a perfectly marked trail to this destination. For Bennie B. who modeled “right living” in 1976 long before I knew it was right. To Allen J. who showed up with the answers when no one else would. And John F. who skillfully held me in place during transition. For Janie and Miss. Mary who were a constant inspiration, even from afar. To pioneers like Bill White who really “get it”. For my late but not forgotten friend John N. who inspired and made us all laugh. To Ramie S. for her kindness, inspirational words and confidences. Thanks to Tom R. who advises in his “un-advisory” way of love, compassion, and wisdom. Laura S. who inspires me and understands me more that she probably wants to at times. And to countless un-named mentors, clinicians, and institutions in the field of helping others.   Special thanks to Tammy S., who guided me through 6000+ hours of training and licensure preparations.  


Taking the first step to live a clean and sober life is a HUGE move.

Let’s call it “Step Zero”, as you will come to know it later in the [Recovery Journey] course. I have worked with clients seeking recovery from substance use disorder as a full-time vocation for many years. I’ve also committed to carrying the message of hope in recovery by supporting men and women on the journey to recovery as an avocation, a personal commitment, for over 25 years. I have seen and heard many-many personal stories of triumph over addiction. These experiences have captured my heart and solidified my devotion to a preamble published in the June 1947 issue of The Grapevine Magazine that states the primary purpose of recovered individuals; to stay clean and sober and help other addicts and alcoholics achieve sobriety.

I have on the other hand, seen and heard heart-breaking stories

Failure, relapse, family destruction, financial ruin, criminal incarceration, and death by many means including suicide. Addiction, whether to alcohol or some other chemical mood-altering substance, is an awful experience to live through or die from. Families were being torn apart as I wrote this paragraph and as you read it now. It is by a fierce sense of necessity that I write these words and offer the interventions that follow in this paper, in prayerful hope that just one of you out there will heed the suggestions offered and find benefit for yourselves and you’re loved-ones. My intention and effort is aimed at your survival from the crushing effects of substance abuse and that the day of acceptance and action will soon follow. It is my wish and hope that you may discover the life that deep in your heart, you so desperately desire and deserve. 

The continuation of this paper; Part 2, Chapter 1, is upcoming on July 2. In next weeks blog I will share an inspiring email recently sent to me by a former client. I hope Kat’s story will capture your heart and inspire you as it has me. Stay tuned.

Be safe and care for one another.

Coach Chris

As a trained professional in the field of substance-use recovery, a practicing recovery coach, and more importantly, a person in successful recovery from addiction for over 26 years, I have some knowledge to share and lots of hope for anyone who’s ready for change.  

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Recovery Journey: Navigate to Addiction Freedom YouTube Channel


Asking for Medical Help

If you or someone you know exhibits withdrawal symptoms, psychological problems, or any signs of self-harming behavior, contact your medical professional, call 911, or reach out to SAMHSA’s National Helpline – 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

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